Transforming unemployment into an empowering life experience



 Scientific studies show that nowadays unemployment can be devastating : negative feelings, social isolation, loss of skills, confidence, ambition, change of behaviors, are some of the many consequences suffered by millions of people which slow down their ability to go back to work.

What if unemployment could be turned into an opportunity to make one's networking possibilities grow, enhance one's employment skills, realize projects, try out new abilities or even to rejoin the flow of life around you ? 



The workshop to overcome negative feeling linked to unemployment


The workshop to realize your ideas and projects


The workshop to uncover your added values


The workshop to engage in a civic action as a team

And many more once you've registred...

Since June 2014, thanks to Activ'Actors who go into
action everyday, Activ'Action now has more than :

4 100

workshops organized

21 000



cities in 10 different countries


people trained to workshop facilitation

Our philosophy

Our Vision

The current economic situation does not make it possible anymore for companies to offer jobs to everyone. Unemployment is becoming more and more an experience a majority of people experience during their careers.

We refuse to accept that this period needs to be a negative experience at either the individual or collective level.

Nowadays, a recruitment criterion is based primarily on degrees and work experience. They are not representative of the total skills, competencies and ambitions of individuals. Moreover, in order to meet the challenges of the future, and for everyone to find their place in it, a variety of personal skills and abilities will be needed. We want everyone to value their potential, regardless of your background or the nature of your employment.

The concept and role of work in our society is evolving.
A growing number of citizens, whether they are employees or employers, are questioning the role that work plays in their lives. They believe their well-being is tied to their professional lives. Finding the balance between one’s health and one’s job is becoming paramount in people’s lives.
We aspire to a world where employment is not just about money, but can also be used as a tool for personal development.

Our values

Our community is benevolent and open minded: no matter your age, degree, background or past experience, everyone is welcome. Diversity leads to friendships and ideas which can blossom among Activ’actors. At Activ’action you will always find new and amazing people to work and share with!

United and collaborative: Everybody has competencies, experiences and thoughts that can be useful to others. Activ’actors share, contribute, encourage and inspire one another so that each of them can make their dreams a reality.

Enthusiastic and constructive : We focus on positive energy, new ideas and developing willpower! Why…because it is fun and motivating. For Activ’actors, problems become challenges and challenges create opportunities!  

Learning and Being Pro Active : Activ’actors develop new projects together, complete their training, try out new tools and test ideas, because, while we are looking for a job, we also want to discover, learn and create new things.

Join us and become an ‘Activ’Actor’!

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